De viribus herbarum (o właściwościach ziół)

  1. Emilia Żybert


De viribus herbarum (Properties of plants)


A hexametrical, anonymous fragment of the didactic poem written in Greek, usually called De viribus herbarum (II or III AD), contains a magic-medicinal lore concerning 16 plants. Almost each of the herbs has its divine patron who gathered it for the first time or discoverd — which in fact means “established” — its properties. That is the reason of the plants’ miraculous power. Each description of the herb contains common elements: the best time of gathering, name(s) of the plant, a mythical history concerning it, its divine patron(s) and its magic-medicinal powers. The poetical fragment offers also a glimpse into fears of the ancient Greeks concerning believes in the evil eye and harmful demons. It provides many descriptions of medical or homeopathic treatments as well.

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Classica Wratislaviensia

31, 2011

Pages from 137 to 153

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